Fairhaven Shorts 5-19-2024

A Miraculous Pentecost And today on Pentecost, we celebrate the fulfillment of God's Word as given by the prophet Joel. So let's dig into this story, starting with the

Fairhaven Sermon 5-19-2024

In this week's sermon by Rev. Peg Bowman, she highlights the significance of Pentecost, the arrival of the Holy Spirit, and its role in uniting believers.

Announcements 5-19-2024

Bible Study * Wednesday evening Bible study is working through the book of Exodus. If you’d like to join (it is held on Zoom at 7pm, so you can participate from home), contact

Mother's Day Shorts 2024

The Importance of Mothers Mother's Day is a time to celebrate women, especially the mother figures in your life, whether these maternal figures brought you forth from birth or entered your

Mother's Day Service 5-12-2024

Jim's Mother's Day service highlighted the vital role of mothers, emphasizing their patience, perseverance, and faith through personal anecdotes and the biblical story of Yoshebet.