Mother's Day Shorts 2024

The Importance of Mothers Mother's Day is a time to celebrate women, especially the mother figures in your life, whether these maternal figures brought you forth from birth or entered your

Fairhaven Shorts 5-5-2024

The Joyful Sound of Music in Worship Have you ever noticed that when the Bible talks about joy, it almost always talks about music and singing? There is a joy that I think

Fairhaven Shorts 4-28-2024

Healing: A Threat to Power And Peter and John, unsurprisingly, have landed in the spotlight for this healing. And the spotlight's a pretty dangerous place to be, always, but especially then

Fairhaven Shorts 4-21-24

ABARA in El Paso supports migrants with opportunities, supplies, and meals. Border patrol agents emphasize the risks of remote crossings and note most drug smugglers are U.S. citizens by air. Overwhelmed by a humanitarian crisis, the border patrol struggles with insufficient personnel.

Fairhaven Shorts 4-7-2024

Unity and Doubt in Faith So Psalm 133 is one of the Psalms of ascents. That is one of the Psalms that was set to music and was sung while the people of