Fairhaven Shorts 2-4-2024

The Final Journey Of Elijah In our passage, starting with the passage from 2 Kings today, we join the prophet Elijah on the last day of his life. Now Elijah knew this was

Fairhaven Sermon 2-11-2024

On Transfiguration Sunday, Rev. Peg Bowman at Fairhaven United Methodist Church delivers a powerful sermon, exploring Jesus' divine transformation and its significance for faith today. She connects biblical teachings to modern spirituality, inspiring deep reflection and personal growth.

Announcements 2-11-2024

Community Achievements and Events * Can of Soup Drive Success: We've exceeded our goal. Awesome achievement! Upcoming Meetings and Celebrations * United Women in Faith Meeting: Scheduled for tomorrow Monday at noon. * Mardi

Fairhaven Shorts 2-4-2024

Form Follows Function in Architecture and Life It turns out form follows function comes from the famous architect Lewis Sullivan. He was Frank Lloyd Wright's mentor He was the guy that