Fairhaven Shorts 12-3-2023

Hope in Times of Weariness Having to think consciously about your own personal safety 24/7 is wearying. And so we turn to God and we say, Lord, please forgive where we've gone

Fairhaven Sermon 12-3-2023

In 'A Weary World Rejoices,' Rev. Bowman inspires with Advent candles, symbolizing hope, peace, and joy, guiding us towards a future bright with promise and light.

Announcements 12-3-2023

Stormie's Update on Christmas Store * Recap of Yesterday's Event: Appreciation for the volunteers who made the Christmas store a success. * Personal Experience: Encouragement to participate next year and insights into the positive impact

Fairhaven Shorts 11-26-2023

A Departure In Royal Tradition Over a year after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the Royal Canadian Mint has begun to release its first dollar coins bearing the image of the new

Fairhaven Sermon 11-26-2023

Rev. Parson discusses the Royal Canadian Mint's new coins featuring King Charles without a crown, symbolizing the evolution of leadership and identity in contemporary society.