Announcements 2-25-2024

Church Sale Announcement * Sale of Carnegie Church Contents: There will be a sale of the remaining contents of the Carnegie church building. * Volunteer Help Needed: Assistance is required on Thursday, February 29th, and

Fairhaven Shorts 2-18-2024

Embracing Spiritual Wilderness And there's a reason then that Jesus drives, that the Holy Spirit drives Jesus into the wilderness at his baptism. It's this necessary step before he

Fairhaven Sermon 2-18-2024

In his sermon, Pastor Dylan Parson draws from Jesus' time in the wilderness and the Desert Fathers to challenge us to relinquish our earthly safety nets and dependencies, urging a deeper trust in God's providence for spiritual growth and resilience.

Announcements 2-18-2024

Carnegie Church Sale * Dates for Help Needed: Thursdays 2/22, 2/29, and potentially 3/7 * Event Date: Sale on Saturday, March 23rd * Details: We are organizing a sale of the remaining contents