Fairhaven Sermon 7-14-2-24

As citizens of God's kingdom, our weaknesses give God opportunities to show the world around us God's strength and God's love.

Announcements 7-14-2024

Upcoming Events Hill Top UMC: VBS Planning Meeting * Event: Planning meeting for Vacation Bible School * Location: Hill Top UMC * Time: Tuesday, July 16, 6 PM Hill Top UMC: Third Thursdays Community Event * Event:

Fairhaven Sermon 7-7-2024

Jesus Christ is going out into his world to find anyone that is broken, going through hard times, sick, sad, or frustrated. His singular purpose is to heal, to love, and to help those going through tough times in life.

Fairhaven Sermon 6-30-2024

The sermon highlights Jesus's compassion and power in healing both the woman with the flow of blood and raising Jairus's daughter from the dead.

Announcements 6-30-2024

Living Stones: Monthly Hot Meal * Event: Monthly hot meal * Location: Fairhaven United Methodist Church * Time: Today at 4:30pm * Details: Open to the community. We encourage everyone to get involved and help with