Fairhaven Sermon 5-19-2024

In this week's sermon by Rev. Peg Bowman, she highlights the significance of Pentecost, the arrival of the Holy Spirit, and its role in uniting believers.

Fairhaven Sermon 5-5-2024

Rev. Peg Bowman's sermon emphasizes joy and love, inspired by Psalm 98 and Acts. She invites all to share God's love, joy, and community.

Fairhaven Sermon 4-28-2024

Miracles disrupt societal norms, challenging power and inspiring faith, but often provoke discomfort among those accustomed to control.

Fairhaven Sermon 4-21-24

In Rev. Peg Bowman's sermon for Good Shepherd Sunday, she reflects on the presence of Jesus as a guiding force of love and care at the southern U.S. border. She advocates for a compassionate response to migrants, urging the congregation to use their privilege to welcome and support those in need.

Fairhaven Sermon 4-14-2024

Rev. Parson explores Jesus' tangible resurrection, emphasizing its profound implications for life after death and all of creation's renewal.