Dylan Parson

Fairhaven Sermon 11-26-2023

Rev. Parson discusses the Royal Canadian Mint's new coins featuring King Charles without a crown, symbolizing the evolution of leadership and identity in contemporary society.

Fairhaven Sermon 10-1-2023

Summary Rev. Dylan Parson reflects on how we often want to go back to the past, even when the past was difficult or oppressive. Just as the Israelites complained to Moses about leaving

Fairhaven Sermon 9-3-2023

Summary Rev. Dylan Parson begins the sermon by describing how he discovered as a child that falling asleep made long car trips go by faster. As a kid, Rev. Parson would try to

Back to School Blessing

We will have a back-to-school blessing in worship on Sunday, August 27, 2023 and students and teachers/aides/bus drivers/everyone who works in schools are invited to come forward to be prayed

Fairhaven Sermon 8-20-2023

Summary In this sermon, the Pastor Dylan Parson discusses Jesus’ interaction with a Canaanite woman in the Gospel of Matthew. The pastor explains that Christians often view themselves as the “hero” or “main