Dylan Parson

Fairhaven Shorts 4-28-2024

Healing: A Threat to Power And Peter and John, unsurprisingly, have landed in the spotlight for this healing. And the spotlight's a pretty dangerous place to be, always, but especially then

Fairhaven Sermon 4-28-2024

Miracles disrupt societal norms, challenging power and inspiring faith, but often provoke discomfort among those accustomed to control.

Fairhaven Sermon 4-14-2024

Rev. Parson explores Jesus' tangible resurrection, emphasizing its profound implications for life after death and all of creation's renewal.

Easter Sermon 3-31-2024

Rev. Dylan Parson's sermon on Easter delves into faith's challenges using Mark's Gospel, focusing on the transition from hope to fear and the resurrection's power to transform and renew faith amidst uncertainties.

Fairhaven Shorts 3-24-2024

The Symbolism of Palm Sunday And I think this is the same feeling that marks the end of Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. There's a sense of snapping out of the