Fairhaven Shorts 3-17-2024

Fairhaven Shorts 3-17-2024

Worshipping Idols in Modern Society

So these days people don't usually worship physical idols, at least statues, most people don't anyway, I've met a few who do, but not too many. And truth be told, ancient people I don't think really worshipped those statues as much as they worshipped what they represented, the power to grow, the power to give life, the power to give wealth, that's what they were worshipping.

Today in our culture, I used to know a guy who thought that American idol was an evil thing, because of the word idol. Personally I think that's one of the least of our worries, although there are some people who do idolize fame and money, but basically the definition of idolatry is making anything or anyone more important than God in our lives.

Seeds in the Sand

Now this was a sign that the time of including the Gentiles had come. Both Jews and Gentiles will be part of Jesus' kingdom from now on, which also signals to Jesus that his time is short. And Jesus says, Father, glorify thy name. And God answers, I have glorified it and I will glorify it again.

And so now with everything complete and every prophecy fulfilled, Jesus says the hour has come. His soul is troubled, understandably so, looking at the cross. Jesus knows what's coming and he's distressed by it. But for John and for Jesus, the focus is not so much on death as on what Jesus' death will make possible.

Resurrection, ascension, forgiveness for God's people, and the bearing of much fruit.