Announcements 2-11-2024

Community Achievements and Events * Can of Soup Drive Success: We've exceeded our goal. Awesome achievement! Upcoming Meetings and Celebrations * United Women in Faith Meeting: Scheduled for tomorrow Monday at noon. * Mardi

Fairhaven Shorts 2-4-2024

Form Follows Function in Architecture and Life It turns out form follows function comes from the famous architect Lewis Sullivan. He was Frank Lloyd Wright's mentor He was the guy that

Fairhaven Sermon 2-4-2024

"Form follows function" teaches that purpose should shape our actions, urging adaptability in faith and life to fulfill our spiritual mission.

Souper Bowl Challenge Update

This week at Fairhaven has been remarkable! We're thrilled to announce that we've collected 40 soup items, bringing us just 18 soups away from our Sunday goal. Let's keep this enthusiasm going and surpass our target!