Peg Bowman

Fairhaven Sermon 12-3-2023

In 'A Weary World Rejoices,' Rev. Bowman inspires with Advent candles, symbolizing hope, peace, and joy, guiding us towards a future bright with promise and light.

Fairhaven Sermon 11-19-2023

The sermon by Rev. Peg Bowman examines the Parable of the Talents, where servants are given fortunes to invest. We too are given gifts to use fruitfully for God's kingdom. Generous living brings joy.

All Saints Sunday 2023

For All Saints Day, Rev. Peg Bowman talks about remembering not just extraordinary saints, but regular people who love God. She explains that the scripture readings describe the blessings and rewards of the saints who have suffered in this life.

Fairhaven Sermon 10-8-2023

Fairhaven Sermon 10 8 20230:00/1111.8961× Summary This week’s sermon begins by acknowledging that October is a time when many churches discuss stewardship and giving. However, Pastor Peg says that

Fairhaven Shorts 9-24-2023

Learning to Trust God in Life’s Wildernesses Therefore, what we see happening in Exodus is our story too. And today, we now live in a wilderness, a modern day wilderness of confusion