James Campana

Mother's Day Shorts 2024

The Importance of Mothers Mother's Day is a time to celebrate women, especially the mother figures in your life, whether these maternal figures brought you forth from birth or entered your

Mother's Day Service 5-12-2024

Jim's Mother's Day service highlighted the vital role of mothers, emphasizing their patience, perseverance, and faith through personal anecdotes and the biblical story of Yoshebet.

Fairhaven Shorts 10-29-2023

The Lemon Squeeze Challenge To begin, there was once a strong man at a circus slideshow, a sideshow, who demonstrated his power before large audiences every night. Toward the end of one of

Laity Sunday 10-29-2023

Jim challenges the congregation to shift from seeing themselves as passive recipients of ministry to embracing their identity as equipped ministers called to employ their diverse gifts to make disciples and build up the body of Christ.

Believing In Unicorns

Mother’s Day Sermon 2023 Summary This Mother’s Day sermon celebrates the invaluable role of mothers in our lives. Mothers are not the idealized, perfect figures we often see on TV, but