Sermon Shorts 8-27-2023

Jesus Answers Questions About Sabbath

Jesus answers the question in the style of a rabbi, by answering from the law and the prophets. Jesus is not troubled by this conversation, by the way, and neither is the rest of the group, because expressing differences of opinion and posing questions to a master were encouraged in those days as a way of learning.

So Jesus’ first word gives a word of prophecy from King David, who is both a king and a prophet. Jesus says that when David and his friends were hungry. David went into the temple, took the bread of the presence, which was only lawful for priests to eat, and David ate it and gave it to his friends as well. And Jesus draws a parallel between this and himself.

Jesus is also a king and he also has some hungry friends. And the bottom line is when people are hungry

Jesus Rested on the Sabbath After His Crucifixion

Friday after Jesus died, the religious authorities went to Pilate and asked them to break the legs of all the people on the crosses so that they could take them down before the Sabbath started. And Pilate agreed, but when they came to Jesus, they found he was already dead. And so they didn’t break his legs, which fulfilled the prophecy of David in Psalm 22.

I can count all my bones. After Jesus died, but before Sabbath began, Joseph of Arimathea came to Pilate and asked for Jesus’ body so he could bury it. And he and Nicodemus carried Jesus’ body to Joseph’s tomb and brought spices and a linen wrap to place him in.

But it was late in the day, and as the sun went down, the burial traditions of the Jewish people, they didn’t have time to complete them. So they did what they could, made plans to come back and finish later.