Partnership Care Team Training Day

At Spencer UMC

Saturday, October 29

10 am  – Noon

If you are looking to participate in a ministry and feel God calling you to participate in this ministry of caring, please join us as we cover the basics of congregational care . . . what it’s like to visit the sick to how to grow more comfortable praying for one another out loud.

This team might aid and assist Pastor Matt in visiting the sick, caring for our elderly and shut-ins, sending cards, making phone calls, and comforting those in crisis.

I’m confident that if we put the effort into becoming truly caring congregations, God will use this ministry to show others what the love of Jesus really looks like.

St. Paul captures (II Cor 1:3-4) our calling as Christians to pass on the love and consolation we first received from Jesus. As God consoles us in the midst of the trials and struggles of this world, so we are to be Jesus’ hands and feet, comforting others who are suffering in any way with the same mercy and grace we’ve found in God and our fellow Christians.  Paul is talking about a calling that all who follow Jesus must answer.

Please consider joining us for the training, and please join me in praying that “the Father of mercies and God of all comfort” might bless this new ministry.