Mission Opportunities At Fairhaven

First Food and Friends
Join us on the first Saturday of each month at the First United Methodist Church on Centre Avenue to work in the kitchen to provide a hot meal for the 50-100 clients that depend on this soup kitchen each week.

No food service experience required!

Arrive around 9:00, and we are done around 12:30.

You get a free lunch, too!

Blessing Bags
Donate small toiletries (sample size), snack bars, cheese and crackers, wet wipes, hand/foot warmers to be placed in plastic bags.

Then take a couple of the bags to carry with you and give them out to those in need. Place donations in the large white hamper marked Blessing Bags on the First Sunday.

Completed bags will be available to take each Sunday.

Support the Carrick Food Pantry
Bring non-perishable food items No Glass Containers and paper products such as paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, and diapers.

Bins will be put in the downstairs hallway for this collection on the Second Sunday of the month.

Take advantage of BOGOs and ten $10 specials at the stores to help those in need.

Clothing for the Washington City Mission
This mission serves 80 homeless men and 50 homeless women and children.

They welcome any clothing and food items we can give. Bring clothing in on the Second Sunday of each month and food donations on the Third Sunday.

Please be sure all clothing is washed. We have limited storage space, so keep these donations at home until the proper collection days!

First Food and Friends Shower Facility
Donate NEW men’s and women’s underwear, shaving cream, disposable razors, wash cloths and bath towels to be used by people who use the showering facility at First Food and Friends.

Bring these items in on the LAST SUNDAY of each month, and we will deliver them when we go to work at the kitchen.

Prayer Shawls
Know of someone who could use some support? Maybe a prayer shawl from a loving congregation would be appreciated!

See Mary Louise Regan to give a name of someone in need or for details on how to get involved.

A Month Of Mission Opportunities

First Saturday

  • Work at First Food and Friends 9:00am – 12:30pm

First Sunday

  • Items for Blessing Bags

Second Sunday

  • Clothing for Washington City Mission
  • Food and paper products for Carrick’s food Pantry

Third Sunday

  • Food for Washington City Mission

Fourth Sunday

  • Items for Shower Facility at First Food and Friends

If a fifth Sunday

  • Do something nice for someone!

Every Sunday

  • Pray for those in need and for God’s guidance in our efforts.