Dan Schall in Concert at Fairhaven UMC


June 19,2016 at 9:30 a.m.

Dan’s ministry started when he was in his teens, after accepting what Jesus Christ had done for him.  He endured a severe speech impediment during his teen years. The anger and frustration controlled his life.  It was all released on night by realizing that Jesus Christ died for all his trials and pain.

He continues to stutter but God has blessed him with a singing voice that he has used for years for the Glory of God.

Dan’s music ministry enables him to share how God has touched his life.  The music reaches out in a special way to show them the love that Jesus Christ has for them.  Dan and his wife Linda, travel thousand of miles each year spreading the Gospel message.

His CD’s will be available at the concert.


You can explore more of Dan Schall Ministries on the website above.

You are able to hear some of Dan’s music and read his testimony.

A listing of Dan’s recordings can be ordered on the site or through the mail.  Your are also able to get an updated concert schedule.

You can put a prayer request on  the website that will be sent to the prayer warriors and prayed for.

Each week Dan shares some music and some thoughts through a webcast.  The format for the webcast is similar to his concerts.