The Path Of Grace

Sunday Service was led by Pastor Matt Price and the Sermon was titled “The Path Of Grace”.

Welcome to the First Sunday of Lent!

When most people think of Lent, they think of…

  • Temptation and sorrow, doom and gloom.
  • Giving up chocolates!
  • Giving up pop!
  • And, horror of horror in our house, perhaps even giving up Chipotle!

Not exactly cheery topics!

But, there can be joy in Lent too!
Lent is about…

  • Taking on habits that make us more like Jesus.
  • Giving up habits that make us less like Jesus.
  • Tapping into the grace of Jesus that makes it all possible!

Taking Something On For Lent

  • Can eating chocolate-covered strawberries each day be a good Lenten discipline? Yes!
  • We all struggle with different sins.
  • For those fighting to see themselves as worthy of God’s love, what a great discipline!

Other Suggestions for 
Lenten Practices…

  • Practice Gratitude on a Regular Basis.
  • Learn a new way of praying!
  • Read a psalm or a proverb each day.
  • Pray nightly for persecuted Christians around the world, especially the families of those Egyptian Christians recently killed by ISIS.
  • Practice saying ‘no’ to self-defeating thoughts!
  • Take part in our Lenten Bible study!

What Are you Giving Up for Lent?

  • Why not take Pope Francis’s suggestion and give up “indifference to others” this Lent?
  • Why not give up time for volunteering or visiting one of our sick or shut-in church members?
  • Be creative in what you give up!